Dr. Ragland in SheKnows! Podiatrists Tell Us How to Pick Sandals So Comfortable You Can Wear Them All Day

by Elizabeth Yuko

Every year, as soon as the temperatures start rising and the sun comes out, so do the sandals. They're cute and let you skip the step of putting socks on in the morning (bonus: less laundry) and are usually pretty versatile. 

But sandals can also be extremely uncomfortable. All those buckles and straps and pieces of fabric — not to mention some very flat footbeds — that can rub you the wrong way means that sometimes, the first time you wear a pair of sandals is also the last time. 

Image: Vionic, Dr. Scholl's, SAS Shoes, Okabashi/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

Image: Vionic, Dr. Scholl's, SAS Shoes, Okabashi/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

So, to start with, look at the footbed of the sandal and make sure it has some sort of arch support and isn't just a flat piece of plastic. “What you’re looking for in a sandal, for all-day wear, is a sandal that provides arch support instead of one that is flat,” Dr. Yolanda Ragland, founder of Fix Your Feet, tells SheKnows. “The sandal should have shock absorption, like a rubber- or cork-type sole. The sandal’s bottom should be firm, yet flexible. Look for a sandal that keeps toes in a more stable position, so they are not bending as much, and you can control the toe grip.”

Next, look at the straps.

“If you’re looking for a little ankle stability, find a sandal that has a gladiator style,” Ragland explains. “This style of ankle strap comes up around the ankle, offering ankle support and decreasing your chances of rotation of the ankle inwardly, which can cause a lateral ankle sprain.”

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