COVID-19 Update

Dear Fix Your Feeter’s,

In light of the recent developments with the coronavirus (COVID-19) in New York City, and around the world, we feel it is important to communicate how the FixYourFeet team is taking measures to protect you and all members of our community.

Promoting your safety, as well as your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being continues to be our top priority and the reason why we exist, especially during times of uncertainty and unrest.

Our team has been closely monitoring current events and is attentively listening to your concerns about the COVID-19. We are continuing to take prudent steps to help protect the health of our team members and patients by frequently wiping and disinfecting our offices and surgical centers. Please keep in mind these measures have always been in place. 

Surgeries scheduled will NOT be postponed at this time. All of our ambulatory (out-patient) surgical facilities are private, independent, and not attached to any hospitals. All patients are healthy and having elective procedures. Staffing at the centers are less than 25 people at any given time. 

If you exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 please call to reschedule your procedures. COVID-19 symptoms are outlined on the CDC website.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will take additional actions as necessary with our collective best interests in mind.

Please be on the lookout for updated communications.

For information on the status of the COVID-19, both locally and globally, please see links from the following health organizations:

At this point, we do not anticipate closing the office or discontinue surgeries unless we feel there is a risk or we required to do so by the appropriate authorities. Our top priority is always your safety and we will keep you informed of any changes.

Thank you,
Dr. Yolanda Ragland