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About Dr. Ragland

Dr. Yolanda Ragland is a top rated Podiatrist and the best foot surgeon in NYC and the northeast. In her 15 years of experience she has performed cosmetic foot surgeries, numerous bunion surgeries, thousands of hammertoe surgeries, and even more foot corn removal procedures. 

The tagline for her practice says it all: 

“Providing Medically Necessary Surgery With A Cosmetic Result ®.”

Many of Dr. Ragland’s patients come to her with painful and embarrassing foot deformities they’ve lived with for years. While some patients have had previous foot surgeries and were left with unsightly scars, others were reluctant to expose their bare feet on the beach, in sandals or even at home. Dr. Ragland admits, “I feel passionate to address both function and appearance because the typical foot surgeon largely discounts these issues”. For instance, Dr. Ragland recalls a patient’s initial reaction having performed her Tiara-Toe™ technique on a patient; a married woman for over five years, who had never showed her bare feet to her husband preferring to sleep and walk around the house wearing socks. Upon noticing the patient’s tearful state, she perturbingly asked the patient if she was dissatisfied to which the patient responded “Now I can show my husband my feet! I can go to bed without socks!” Such instances confirm that Dr. Ragland’s surgical approach can change people’s lives and lifestyle. What’s more, is that a person confined to orthopedic shoes or unstylish flats can acquire the confidence to sport designer stiletto heels at work or the self-assurance to expose their bare feet on the beach or in sandals while at play. Integral to Dr. Ragland’s objectives is her ability to generate functional fashion and lifestyle shifts. 

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More Testimonials and Reviews

"I had bunion surgery by Dr. Ragland over 6 years ago. I ran 4 miles a day but the pain in my big toe joint was just crippling. I threw away several pairs a shoes thinking that was the problem but the pain persisted. After scouring the Internet, I found Dr. Ragland in NY. I called her and spoke with her over the phone and decided to see her in NY. I by the way live in Maryland. After my visit I was confident she was the right person to correct the problem. She showed me digital X-rays of my feet and outlined exactly what the problem was. Then she proceeded to show me an animation demonstration of the surgery. She entertained all of my questions and I felt comfortable leaving my feet in her hands.

After the procedure, the recovery was as Dr. Ragland explained which was surprising because I was expecting to be in so much pain but I was not. Now 6 years later I still continue to run 4 miles daily pain free. My other foot is acting up and I am so happy she now has a Maryland location. But if she didn’t I would make the journey again."

-Andy G. December 2015

"I made an appointment to see Dr. Ragland after reading an article about her in Bethesda magazine. A few years prior to meeting her, I had fallen and jammed my big toe and had been suffering with almost constant pain. X-rays at that time showed that there was no fracture but I was in almost constant pain and over the counter NSAID’s provided little if any relief. Dr. Ragland examined me and took x-rays and told me there had been a dislocation which, left untreated had caused other issues that resulted in the pain I was having.

Dr. Ragland then explained everything that she was proposing to do, in detail. She planned to use an implant to replace the diseased joint and then she drew a diagram of the procedure that showed the bone that she was going to resect, and where she was going to put the implant. She discussed at length all of the pros and cons from what might happen if the implant failed to even the possibility of infection in the bone. It was actually one of the most comprehensive and informative consultations I have ever received from a doctor.

When I saw the ad for Dr. Ragland, I noticed her credentials first. Then I saw her stylish manner of dress and I felt that she would understand that fashion was important to me. I did not want to be restricted in my choice of footwear and I am not.

Now, 3 years later, I have never been happier. I have 100% improvement and I am pain free. I wear all kinds of shoes. Boots, heels, tennis shoes and I am comfortable in heels as well as flats. I still work out with a trainer. I wore heels after my surgery in Jan. She is warm, friendly, and very professional too I felt confident that Dr. Ragland would give me my best chance to return to the shoes I loved. And she did!

Thanks Dr. Ragland. I am forever grateful!"

-D. 2010

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