Dr. Ragland's 2nd Appearance on Rushion McDonald iHeartRadio "Money Making Matters"

Dr. Yolanda Ragland joined Rushion McDonald on "Money Making Matters" on iHeartRadio again on June 18! Below are excerpts from the interview. Listen to the full podcast episode on iHeartRadio.

"I got bad feet!" exclaimed McDonald. "I have been having bad feet for a long time. God gave me good feet, but I messed them up wearing tight shoes, pointed-toe shoes, shoes that I knew were hurting my feet, but I didn't care! The women loved them! I got complements! 'You look good. You're styling, you're profiling!' My next guest is one of the top foot surgeons in America. She's my best friend, CEO and Founder of Fix Your Feet, Inc. She has 15 years of medical experience and maintains offices in Park Avenue in New York City - I went by there - and in Downtown Silver Springs, Maryland. The focus of her practice is bunions. I got a bunion. The focus is hammertoes. I got a hammertoe!" ...

"I travel a lot, " continued McDonald. "How can I make my feet comfortable? Some days I have good times with my feet. Some days I have bad times with my feet. What can I do on a regular basis to take care of my feet?..." 

"I don't believe in telling ANYONE they can't wear the shoes they love wearing," responded Ragland. "I do ask them to wear them within reason... Especially for ladies because we are teetering on heels, I will say walk with a pair of safety shoes. That advice translates right with men too... After you have been donning those shoes for the last two hours, maybe you need to take a break from those for a minute. More importantly, when you are purchasing those shoes, you can still look at those shoes that you like - all of them don't hurt you. I know you have some beautiful shoes that the women are gravitating toward... Find those shoes that work for you!"

"Dr. Ragland, what exactly is Fix Your Feet and why did you start this organization?" asked McDonald.

"First and foremost, the core group is definitely women because we are wearing heels and I understand what ti's like to walk in those shoes. The feet that carry us should support a strong foundation, especially for strong women like myself. I became a podiatrist because I wanted to support women with a strong foundation. As you mentioned before, I am proud to be the only female podiatrist out there that has a practice solely dedicated to correcting bunions and hammertoes with a cosmetic result. I created the Tiara Toe TechniqueTM, which allows me to do the traditional orthopedic procedures...but with an aesthetic outcome..."

Thank you for reading these excerpts! Listen to the full podcast episode on iHeartRadio.


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