"Enjoying Life On Purpose" Podcast's Kimberly Frazier Interviews Dr. Ragland

Business & Life Coach Kimberly Frazier's "Enjoying Life On Purpose" podcast shares tips on how you can begin to enjoy life on purpose no matter the situation. She brings everyday people with everyday experiences to the everyday radio! 

Today, Frazier interviewed our very own Dr. Yolanda Ragland, and the interview was shared via Vercay Radio broadcast on IHeartRadio, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Apple Play:

Tune in to learn about...

  • Why Dr. Ragland Named Her Practice "Fix Your Feet"

  • The Importance of Optimism in Everyday Work

  • Failures vs. "Learning Experiences"

  • The Glass Ceiling, Yesterday and Today

  • How to Know if You Need a Fix Your Feet Consult

  • Foot Relief - How Effective Surgery Can Be

  • Financial Advice for Fellow Entrepreneurs