How do you get rid of corns on your feet?

What are corns and what causes them?

Corns on the toes are calluses that appear on the top of the joint or knuckle. Most people are under the misconception that corns on the toes are primarily a skin condition. Although the pain and unattractive appearance of the toe corn is associated with the skin, the true culprits are the bony structures which lie beneath.

Corns are a secondary effect from toes bending and rubbing up against the inner surface of a shoe. When the skin on the joint repeatedly contacts the shoes, trauma can occur. As result of this trauma, the skin has two options:

  1. Break down and ulcerate→ NOT GOOD AT ALL

  2. Form a protective layer of skin (e.g. corn) → Better than an open wound, which can lead to infection

Although the latter is the best defensive way to protect the integrity of the skin, it still results in painful, and often shameful looking, feet. To  remove toe corns permanently, one must address the bony condition that perpetuates the problem.

How to get rid of corns on the feet?

In most cases, the corns are physically cut out along with removal of a small section of bone. When the bony structure causing the problem is removed, the corn will eventually go away, even if the corny lesion is not removed.

To view surgical corn removal results, please visit our Results Gallery.

How does removing corns help foot health?

There are two main reasons why people desire corn removal surgery:

  1. Alleviating Pain, and

  2. Improving Appearance and Self-Confidence.

Correcting the condition allows the sufferer to be relieved of the agony a corn can cause when wearing shoes. Now, a larger selection of shoes becomes possible, which in turn affects one’s self-confidence.  Wearing more stylish shoes make the once afflicted feel more fashionable and thereby feel more confident.  Additionally, the removal of corns makes the feet look prettier. Again, ridding the unattractive corn creates an emboldened woman, virtually from head to toe.