I have been to two podiatrists and have had 3 pairs of orthotics over 2 years, I still have pain in my feet after 2 minutes. What's my next step?

To get a more complete answer to your question, more information about your pain is required. Information includes, but is not limited to, where is the pain, when does the pain occur (walking, sitting? etc.), what type of pain is it (dull aching, sharp shoot?), when did the pain first begin, how long does the pain last, is there any trauma associated with the pain when it first started, are there skin changes associated with the pain, what makes it better, what makes it worse? Additionally, obtaining a thorough medical history may yield clues to what the real issue at hand (or foot) may be. Furthermore, studies such as X-rays or ultrasound could be usefully in getting a firm diagnosis.

An orthotic is not a resolution for all general foot pain, although it can help relieve pain for many foot complaints when fabricated properly. Moreover, when you first get orthotics they have to be broken in over a period of time. It is generally recommended to wear them 1 hour the first day, 2 hours the 2nd, 3 hours the 3rd day and so on until you have worn them up to 8 hours in one day.

Your next step is to find a foot specialist who is going to give you a full and thorough evaluation. I suggest finding someone who is proficient in custom orthotics using plaster of fiberglass casting verse foam and digital imprinting. I truly believe this good old fashion way is the best way to make them, especially when detailed adjustments are required. I would also find a specialist versed in Podiatric surgery because surgical intervention may be required to resolve the issue.

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