Not Your Grandmother’s Podiatrist - Unless She’s Fly!

Let’s face it, podiatry is a lackluster medical profession. The medical art of podiatry is frequently associated with chiropody, the bygone practice of solely paring foot corns, calluses and toenails of the feet. In our multi-tasking minds, a typical podiatry office is a quintessential elderly foot salon for diabetics and people in declining health. However, the healing arts of the foot have evolved dramatically over the past 40 years. Podiatrists, taking advantage of this modern metamorphosis, have created subspecialities within the specialty of podiatry. Podiatrists now specialize in foot and ankle sports medicine, dermatology, foot limb salvage, medical spas (also known as medi-pedi spas) and, in the case of Dr. Ragland’s Fix Your Feet, foot surgery.

Fix Your Feet takes the foot surgical speciality a step further, focusing on bunion and hammertoe correction with a flawless cosmetic result. The patient populations that flock to Dr. Ragland, are by and large the same: young, career-minded, athletic and healthy, fashion forward, and definitely shoe-conscious. “I got to look good from head to toe!” has become the mantra of today’s woman. As a result, podiatric patients are pleasantly surprised to walk into Dr. Ragland’s boutique-style practices--with state-of-the-art equipment and a warm, welcoming staff. Furthermore, patients are astoundingly relieved to find a foot specialist who not only mirrors their sense of style, but equally understands their footbunion and callous corny afflictions as well asthe type of results they want - absolutely fabulous.

Many of the patrons of Fix Your Feet had previous foot surgery and find out the hard way that even though their bunion or corn is gone, they still feel embarrassed by the scars that replace them which have left their feet, well, “not ready for sandal time.’’ Generally, foot surgeons don’t understand how much bunions and foot corn afflictions are not only physically painful but produce comparable mental anguish. Thus, most foot surgeons, when correcting the ailments, don’t consider what the finished result will look like. As a result, the patients,  may be relieved of pain, but still feel psychologically traumatized and crippled in their own stylish shoes when branded with Frankenstein-like scars.

Dr. Ragland’s mantra: “To provide medically necessary foot surgery with a cosmetic result because I understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes. I’m definitely not your grandmother’s podiatrist--unless she’s fly!” Dr. Ragland chants these slogans to make everyone aware that there are foot specialists out there who are truly mindful of producing the flawless foot results that every patient deserves when having bunion and foot corn removal surgery.