Tiara-Toe Technique - Fix Your Feet Gets Women on Their Feet, Fast

Fix Your Feet’s Dr. Yolanda Ragland, an award winning podiatrist,  wants women to walk with confidence. Her secret until now, the Tiara-Toe™ technique has been in the making for more than 10 years. Dr. Ragland has been mastering the transformation of unattractive, corny hammertoes, restoring them to their original beauty.  Dr. Ragland named this procedure “Tiara-Toe” because she says feet become, “regal enough to be bejeweled with precious stones.” Her surgically artistic procedure combines the tried and true with the new and innovative--bye-bye antiquated Frankenstein, freakish pinning of toe, and hello fresh, new approach that virtually eliminates scarring.

Dr. Ragland merges conventional joint repair and quality foot surgery with unique methods of stabilizing joint healing, placing strategic incisions, and beautifying skin cosmetically. Most foot surgeons rely on old methods of fixation with metal pins sticking out of toe tips for weeks. Oldfoot surgery methods render the toe unnaturally straight, increase infection rate, and require a longer recovery process. Dr. Ragland’s incisional tactics either permit scars to be completely hidden from sight, or mimic naturally occurring skin lines, which are barely noticeable to a surgically untrained eye. Due to her unique cosmetic foot surgery procedure, Dr. Ragland is the only foot surgeon with before-and-after results that boast no digital retouch or enhancement. Recovery from the procedure allows returning to a shoe in two short weeks. Overall, Dr. Ragland’s Tiara-Toe™ procedure permits speedy recovery, reduction of complications, and dazzling results, meaning this technique is in high demand.