Top 4 Reasons for Cosmetic Foot Surgery

We’re all trying to stay on our tippy toes, but bunion and foot corn removal or even hammertoe surgery may seem odd and excessive to those not afflicted by these conditions. For those who suffer with painful and unsightly bunions, foot corn and hammertoes, however, contemplation of foot surgical correction is a real and necessary consideration. Nonetheless, any type of elective cosmetic foot surgery should not be taken lightly. Here are the top four reasons why one should consider cosmetic foot surgery.

  1. FEET DON’T FAIL ME NOW: Pain is a provocative motivator and the number one reason why one should elect to correct foot bunions and corns on toes. Most petitioners for this type of surgical resolution, believe they are endeavoring into a purely cosmetic foot procedure, when almost always there is pain associated with their ailments. Initially, when women are asked if they have pain, frequently they reply to the contrary. However, when a thorough history and physical is taken, the practitioner will discover, indeed, there is coinciding discomfort with the foot bunion or hammertoe. Having pain associated with the deformity is at the advantage to the patient when considering cosmetic foot surgery. When there is foot or toe pain involved, the procedure is no longer considered strictly cosmetic foot surgery and is considered medically necessary and covered by health insurance.

  2. EXHAUSTED CONSERVATIVE TREATMENT: It’s not recommended to seek out surgical foot correction of downright unattractive feet due to foot bunions and corny toes if there has been no attempt to rid the feet of it’s pain and unsightliness. Bunion shields, bunion splints, toe spacers, corn pads, corn removal systems, orthotics and over-the-counter pain relievers should be attempted first. Elective cosmetic foot surgery, should be the last resort.

  3. STEP UP SHOE SELECTION: Those affected by foot bunions and hammertoes are often limited to the types of shoes they can wear. For many modern-day professionals, sporting a pair of orthopedic depth inlay shoes may not be the best option, when trying to reel in a huge account or climb the corporate ladder. Varying shoe width is not a privilege for women and finding a reasonable, professional-style shoe type can be especially challenging. But having a wider range of shoe options at your fingertips will decrease associated pain with forefoot conditions like foot bunions and corns.

  4. SAY GOODBYE TO UNSIGHTLY FEET: Frankly, those of us with foot bunions and hammertoes simply don’t like the way our feet look. Not only is stepping out in sandals not an option, but having embarrassing foot corns and bunions can lead to insecurity and even affect one’s love life. Correcting the source of these conditions, if done with the intent to not only alleviate the foot pain and maintain function, can also render an aesthetic result that will be an ego-boosting life changer. Seekers of this remedy are often disappointed and have regret because most foot surgeons dismiss how the patient feels about the overall outcome. If considering having foot surgery for bunions and hammertoes, shop for your foot surgeon wisely. If the surgeon in question doesn’t care about the cosmetic results, the final results can look uglier than before the foot surgery!