What We Can Learn from Kendall Jenner's Foot Shaming - Dr. Ragland Contributes to The Queen of Style, Part of the Vogue Influencer Network

When Kendall Jenner posed nude, sharing two beautiful black and white photos of herself on Instagram with her 87 million followers, it was her feet that drew attention from the Internet:

  • “So much money and you can’t fix your feet?” one user commented.

  • “Is it just me or her foot looks weird?” another added.

  • “I swear there is something wrong with this woman’s feet,” a third fan wrote.

My heart goes out to Kendall Jenner if she is not only suffering from painful feet but also body shaming. I became a podiatrist because wanted to empower women with a strong foundation, so it’s very disappointing to see how mean people are online.

Ladies, Let’s Stay Stylish and Healthy in Heels

The desire for style makes us grin and bear the pain, regardless of the consequences: agonizing foot bunions, toe corns, and hammertoes that come with donning ill-fitting footwear. Women covet shoes more than any other accessory. However, unlike all other adornments including handbags, footwear is necessary for trotting to work, play and running errands.

In Jenner’s case, foot problems are common among models because they get to the runway and often must wear shoes of the wrong size. It’s hard for me to tell from the photo, but her feet don’t look that bad. In fact, I would be happy to take a closer look at Kendall Jenner’s feet, and even fix them if necessary. However, she may not need surgery.

For Jenner and busy women on the gohaving a wider range of shoe options at your fingertips will decrease associated pain with forefoot conditions like foot bunions and corns. Bring your sneakers, flip-flops, or whatever shoes are most comfortable for you, in tow.

When Should Women Fix Their Feet?

There are three ways to tell if you should see a podiatrist. First, if you have developed hard skin or corns on the joints or knuckles of your toes. Second, if you have issues with your big toe, like a bump growing out the side or bottom, or if the big toe is ‘bullying’ the other, lesser toes. Lastly, if you are constantly in pain in those areas, stop suffering and see a medical professional.

Today, sporting footwear is a rite of passage to womanhood. However, foot-surgical repair should only be considered after conservative therapy is exhausted, including modifying shoe types. Anyone contemplating foot-surgical procedures should take heed and remember: the surgery in question should always be with the intent to maintain or improve foot function and alleviate foot pain.