Women in Wellness: “Stand by Your Core Audience” with Dr. Yolanda Ragland and Chaya Weiner

Loved talking to Chaya Weiner from Thrive Global about my story and my passion for my business and patients! In her Women in wellness series we cover a range of topics, but one of the most important takeaways was to trust your instincts. As I mention in the article “ Stand by Your Core Audience. I wish someone told me that my instincts about my core group and demographic were spot on! A lot of my friends questioned why I was heavily invested in African American women. They pondered, “Why not try to tap into the majority?” I had moments of doubt, but ultimately, I stood my ground and said no. What I realized was that my core group was the majority for my particular focus. Even though I knew this before I started, a lot of doctors do not think of who their core group or demographic is. The more specialized one is in what they do, the more in demand they will be. Don’t try to be pretty good at being everything to everyone — get perfect or next-to-perfect, focusing on a select market”. Go check out the rest of the article on Thrive Global!