• Postpartum Feet - Where Did This Foot Bunion Come From?

    The anticipation of a baby signifies a wondrous, life-changing experience. However, pregnancy also can represent troubling bodily changes that can affect the child-bearer for a lifetime.

  • Get Yourself, and Your Feet Ready for Your Wedding

    Selecting a date, choosing a venue, finding the perfect dress, and attending countless pre-wedding events are stressful preparations for your nuptials. In addition, for getting yourself and your body ready for the big day, losing weight and getting fit is usually top priority. However, when the bride is shaping herself for marriage from head to toe, often she falls short on the latter.

  • Tiara-Toe Technique - Fix Your Feet Gets Women on Their Feet, Fast

    Fix Your Feet’s Dr. Yolanda Ragland, an award winning podiatrist,  wants women to walk with confidence. Her secret until now, the Tiara-Toe™ technique has been in the making for more than 10 years. Dr. Ragland has been mastering the transformation of unattractive, corny hammertoes, restoring them to their original beauty. 

  • 10 Fun Foot Facts

    There are currently more websites about foot fetishes than foot healthcare and podiatry.

  • Why One Foot Doctor Does Not Discourage Heels

    So often, the new patient visiting my podiatric practice looks at me and says, “Wow, I want to wear shoes like that.” I love fashion. Shoes, in my opinion, are the quintessential feminine accessory.  Apparently, I’m not alone. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) surveyed 503 women about their propensity to prancing in pumps.

  • A Podiatrist Guide to Cosmetic Bunion Surgery

    Fix Your Feet believes in providing medically necessary foot surgery with a cosmetic result. Most people focus on the cosmetic result and do not realize the  foot surgery procedure  is being performed because there is a true medical need. Foot surgery is “medically necessary,” and cosmetic, because it involves pain.

  • How do you get rid of corns on your feet?

    Corns on the toes are calluses that appear on the top of the joint or knuckle. Most people are under the misconception that corns on the toes are primarily a skin condition. Although the pain and unattractive appearance of the toe corn is associated with the skin, the true culprits are the bony structures which lie beneath.

  • What tests would a podiatrist run before determining that toe surgery is the best option?

    Is a visual/physical exam enough to diagnose soft tissue issues in toes and feet? No pain, but 2nd toe is drifting over toward big toe, and it feels like there’s a visible thickness under the second toe. Podiatrist wants to go straight to surgery.Are there any tests that’d typically be run first?

  • Do feet really expand in hot humid weather?

    The foot supports all of the weight of the body. It is the final end point of the body. Furthermore it is the furthest structure from the heart, which is the antecedent of all the blood vessels of the body. And then there’s gravity. Naturally, foot swelling is a daily physiologic occurrence.

  • I have been to two podiatrists and have had 3 pairs of orthotics over 2 years, I still have pain in my feet after 2 minutes. What's my next step?

    To get a more complete answer to your question, more information about your pain is required. Information includes, but is not limited to, where is the pain, when does the pain occur (walking, sitting? etc.), what type of pain is it (dull aching, sharp shoot?), when did the pain first begin, how long does the pain last, is there any trauma associated with the pain when it first started, are there skin changes associated with the pain, what makes it better, what makes it worse?