• Dr. Ragland in Huff Post! "5 Ways To Get Your Routine Summertime Ready"

    When it’s nice out, it’s normal to feel an itch to get all your steps in outdoors. Just make sure your feet are prepared for the extra pressure. If you’re regularly going for long summer walks in flip-flops or high-heeled summer sandals, you could be doing your feet a real disservice, said Dr. Yolanda Ragland.

  • Dr. Ragland in SheKnows! Podiatrists Tell Us How to Pick Sandals So Comfortable You Can Wear Them All Day

    “What you’re looking for in a sandal, for all-day wear, is a sandal that provides arch support instead of one that is flat,” Dr. Yolanda Ragland, founder of Fix Your Feet, tells SheKnows. “The sandal should have shock absorption, like a rubber- or cork-type sole. The sandal’s bottom should be firm, yet flexible. Look for a sandal that keeps toes in a more stable position, so they are not bending as much, and you can control the toe grip.”

  • Dr. Ragland Featured in INSIDER: 7 Scary Things That Can Happen When You Wear Heels Too Much

    There are a ton of different techniques and tips that you can use to make wearing heels not only more comfortable, but also slightly less harsh on your body. Still, knowing what kinds of things you might be in for can help you prepare ahead of time and quickly react if something goes wrong.

  • Dr. Ragland in BUSTLE: In An Era Of Body Positivity & Inclusion, Ragland Weighs in on Why We Are Still Screwed Up About Feet

    “A lot of people are under the impression that it’s shoes that cause bunions and hammertoes,” she says — and sometimes that’s true. But more often, Ragland explains, too small shoes exacerbate a pre-existing problem, rather than being the root cause. Still, she estimates that ill-fitting footwear is the reason that patients walk into her office with foot issues about half the time.”

  • What We Can Learn from Kendall Jenner's Foot Shaming - Dr. Ragland Contributes to The Queen of Style, Part of the Vogue Influencer Network

    When Kendall Jenner posed nude, sharing two beautiful black and white photos of herself on Instagram with her 87 million followers, it was her feet that drew attention from the Internet. I became a podiatrist because wanted to empower women with a strong foundation, so it’s very disappointing to see how mean people are online. Ladies, let’s stay stylish and healthy in heels. Read on to learn how...

  • 10 Tips to Manage Plantar Fasciitis, Featuring Advice from Dr. Ragland in U.S. News & World Report

    Got heel pain when you wake up in the morning? You may have plantar fasciitis. Here are some tips to help manage plantar fasciitis and guidance on when to see a health-care professional.

  • Dr. Ragland in BUSTLE: The 7 Best Insoles, According to Experts

    Whether you actively suffer from foot pain or just want to prevent foot-related health problems, finding the best insoles or shoe inserts for your feet will make an enormous difference. "No single insole is perfect for all feet, whether they're for a running shoe, high heel, or flat," explains Dr. Yolanda Ragland. People's feet break down into three categories — over-pronators (flat feet), neutral foot types, and hyper-supinators (high arches) — and the first step in picking the right insole, is identifying which of those categories your feet fall into.


    Fix Your Feet podiatrist Dr. Yolanda Ragland has the answers to your foot-surgery concerns so you can say ``bye bye’’ to bothersome foot bunions:

  • Don’t Let The Chill Cramp Your Chic Side

    Fall is my favorite time for the RISE of footwear. That’s right, when the temperatures drop it’s time to go to any lengths--from Mod booties to thigh-hi’s and over-the-knee leg-hugging boots--for showing off your style in NYC while protecting your precious feet from inclement weather. Here is your podiatrist’s tips on breaking out the boots!

  • Listen to Dr. Yolanda Ragland on Rushion McDonald’s ‘Money Making Conversations’ on iHeartRadio Podcast

    On Rushion McDonald’s Money Making Conversations on iHeartRadio Podcast, Dr. Yolanda Ragland, Founder of Fix Your Feet, revealed her unique take on the recent Nielsen report that went viral, “African American Women: Our Science, Her Magic.”

  • What Recovery is Like for Foot Bunion & Toe Corn Removal Surgery

    When the time comes to take care of foot bunions and toe corns through surgery, it’s best to be thoroughly informed.  For starters, how much pain can be expected? Recovery from post-operative bunion surgery varies from patient to patient and even foot surgeon to foot surgeon. The truth is, a patient’s threshold for pain and even perception of pain will range from mild to severe. Additionally, the podiatrist’s finesse with the soft tissue and bony structure will have a great impact on post-op foot surgery recovery. Furthermore, factors like smoking and not following instructions will play an important role in each patient’s recuperation.

  • How Many Cortisone Shots Are Enough For Foot Heel Spur Or Plantar Fasciitis?

    We should all live by the motto: “Feet don’t fail me now.” So what’s the cause of excruciating foot pain with a first step? Generally, it’s a medical condition directly related to foot heel spur syndrome known as plantar fasciitis. Medical foot injections composed from a steroid broadly known as cortisone can be used to ease the pain of plantar fasciitis. This type of steroid is not an enhancement-performance drug and is legal in the United States and international anti-doping regulations. According to Dr. Cathy Fieseler, president of the American Medical Athletic Association, “Cortisone is a wonderful, terrible drug.” It is wonderful because it knocks out the precise inflammation in the affected area of the foot. This relief of foot pain can be perceived as immediate when combined with short and long-acting local anesthesia. However, if the issue which caused the inflammation initially is not resolved the foot discomfort will inevitably return.