• Black Women in Health & Wellness Making Your Life

    It’s such an honor to be mentioned in Black Girls Allowed blog by Leigh “Dangerous Lee” Langston, owner of the Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network. The article focuses on the most influential Black Women in Health & Wellness. I pride myself on providing not only cosmetic podiatry; but also necessary medical procedures for women’s feet. So many women suffer through life with foot pain, not realizing how easy it is to recover after such a surgery. 
  • Well+Good Wants to Know About Socks — Dr. Ragland Talks About Fabric for Your Feet

    It’s nearly that magical time of the year where feet start sweating and sloshing in the snow, and a little bit of neglect could lead to serious problems. And when it comes to a personal question like—how often should you change socks—during the throes of winter, it isn’t automatically obvious to everyone. So, just how often should you change socks? Well+Good’s Mary Grace Garis consulted with Dr. Ragland, who lit the path forward on how to care for your feet, and specifically how often to change out of socks. Here’s the intel!

  • ALLURE Interviews Dr. Ragland About the Best Insoles for Walking and Running

    Insoles, orthopedics, heel lifts, arch cushions — there's a lot of terminologies to sort through when you're shopping for shoe inserts, and it can be pretty confusing if you don't know where to start. To help clarify some of the confusion,’s Maria Cassano got in touch with Dr. Yolanda Ragland, a podiatric surgeon and the founder of Fix Your Feet, Inc. "A good pair of insoles can have multiple benefits," Ragland says.

  • "Enjoying Life On Purpose" Podcast's Kimberly Frazier Interviews Dr. Ragland

    Business & Life Coach Kimberly Frazier's "Enjoying Life On Purpose" podcast shares tips on how you can begin to enjoy life on purpose no matter the situation. Tune in for topics ranging from the importance of optimism and today’s the glass ceiling to caring for your feet and entrepreneurial advice!

  • Well+Good "Feet Week" Features Dr. Ragland's Advice on "How to Banish *All* the Foot Problems"!

    Few things are worse, IMO, than when someone asks you to remove your shoes upon entering their house. Whether your toes are deformed from a childhood spent in pointe shoes or your nails are just in need of a paint job there are, in my mind, few (if any) commonly-exposed body parts so cringe-worthy as those located south of your ankles. Yolanda Ragland, DPM, podiatrist, foot surgeon, and owner of Fix Your Feet, shares intel on some of the most common issues with which patients step into her practice, including remedies so you no longer have to run away when someone asks you to go sans shoes. (Or is that just me?)

  • Dr. Ragland for Well+Good - Should You Be Running on the Beach?

    Few things beat a summertime beach workout, but if at some point you hear the siren song of the shoreline begging you to run along it, is it okay to leave your sneakers behind and go barefoot? Dr. Ragland is interviewed by Well+Good’s Erin Bunch to advise us on what to do.

  • Dr. Ragland's 2nd Appearance on Rushion McDonald iHeartRadio "Money Making Matters"

    "I don't believe in telling ANYONE they can't wear the shoes they love wearing," says Dr. Ragland. "I do ask them to wear them within reason... Especially for ladies because we are teetering on heels, I will say walk with a pair of safety shoes.” - Read this blog about Dr. Ragland’s appearance on Rushion McDonald’s “Money Making Matters” on iHeartRadio!

  • Dr. Ragland in Huff Post! "5 Ways To Get Your Routine Summertime Ready"

    When it’s nice out, it’s normal to feel an itch to get all your steps in outdoors. Just make sure your feet are prepared for the extra pressure. If you’re regularly going for long summer walks in flip-flops or high-heeled summer sandals, you could be doing your feet a real disservice, said Dr. Yolanda Ragland.

  • Dr. Ragland in SheKnows! Podiatrists Tell Us How to Pick Sandals So Comfortable You Can Wear Them All Day

    “What you’re looking for in a sandal, for all-day wear, is a sandal that provides arch support instead of one that is flat,” Dr. Yolanda Ragland, founder of Fix Your Feet, tells SheKnows. “The sandal should have shock absorption, like a rubber- or cork-type sole. The sandal’s bottom should be firm, yet flexible. Look for a sandal that keeps toes in a more stable position, so they are not bending as much, and you can control the toe grip.”

  • Dr. Ragland Featured in INSIDER: 7 Scary Things That Can Happen When You Wear Heels Too Much

    There are a ton of different techniques and tips that you can use to make wearing heels not only more comfortable, but also slightly less harsh on your body. Still, knowing what kinds of things you might be in for can help you prepare ahead of time and quickly react if something goes wrong.

  • Dr. Ragland in BUSTLE: In An Era Of Body Positivity & Inclusion, Ragland Weighs in on Why We Are Still Screwed Up About Feet

    “A lot of people are under the impression that it’s shoes that cause bunions and hammertoes,” she says — and sometimes that’s true. But more often, Ragland explains, too small shoes exacerbate a pre-existing problem, rather than being the root cause. Still, she estimates that ill-fitting footwear is the reason that patients walk into her office with foot issues about half the time.”

  • What We Can Learn from Kendall Jenner's Foot Shaming - Dr. Ragland Contributes to The Queen of Style, Part of the Vogue Influencer Network

    When Kendall Jenner posed nude, sharing two beautiful black and white photos of herself on Instagram with her 87 million followers, it was her feet that drew attention from the Internet. I became a podiatrist because wanted to empower women with a strong foundation, so it’s very disappointing to see how mean people are online. Ladies, let’s stay stylish and healthy in heels. Read on to learn how...